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    Rajveer Singh is back in Sonali Jaffar's popular show 'Qurbaan Hua'

    Rajveer Singh, who plays the lead in Sonali and Amir Jaffar's "Qurbaan Hua", has resumed the shoot of his show. The actor was away after his father was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was admitted to a hospital, but now that he is on the road to recovery, Rajveer too has joined the shoot.

    Back in April, the actor too had tested positive for the novel coronavirus, and the makers had to introduce a twist in the show to make up for his absence. And they brought in a major drama again as Rajveer was away. In the new track, the makers had brought in actress Akansha Sareen as Raseeli who alleged that she is Shlok's mother. And it is just Neel who knows the truth. So with Rajveer's entry back in the show, we can expect some high intensity drama in "Qurbaan Hua". Rajveer Singh is one good looking actorwho has done films like DeDe Pyar De too where he played Ajay Devgn's son-in-law.

    Keep watching the show to know what happens next and his character will add lot of drama to the track.

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