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    Nivedita Basu: It isn’t easy to survive in this industry but I don’t think I have ever had doubts about joining showbiz

    Showbiz has its own set of highs and lows. Sometimes there is work, sometimes there is not is also a reality. Everyone doesn’t get equal or the same success. All these often lead to many feeling delusional about their choice. Writer-producer-director Nivedita Basu too agrees about the uncertainties of this profession but feels confident to have chosen this career path for herself.

    “It isn’t easy to survive in this industry but I don’t think I have ever had doubts about joining it. I have always been interested about the artistry behind the camera. I don’t think there’s been ever any dearth of work fortunately for me. All I had to continue doing is hard work in creating good content,” adds Basu, who recently made her directorial debut with the web series Tandoor.

    Many have spoken about how, given the uncertainties in this profession, it’s good to have another career option while working here. Some actors amid the pandemic even have quit acting and went back to their alternate careers. But Basu never thought of an alternative profession. While it’s an intelligent thing to do but with OTT coming into picture and the increase in work opportunities, she feels it does not matter much.

    “In the early 2000 to 2010 we knew limited actors and their where limited shows, films but now there is so much happening across mediums. There is much work for all. So, I don’t think it really matters now. As far as actors quitting the industry are concerned I don’t think it has just got to do with the fact that they have not got their dues but there are other reasons also. Not to forget, it isn’t easy to survive in a city like Mumbai… Sometimes a lot of people get a reality check that if it did not happen in five years it won’t happen in 10 years also so while some take a break to work on their craft to make a comeback, some quit the industry,” she explains.

    Actors have turned entrepreneurs and also earn a lot from endorsements. Do you think celeb names give a boost to the business, be it their own or someone else’s? “We’re stuck to social media today. Someone like my mother is only concerned about the quality and quantity a brand is providing and not the celeb, who is the face of the brand. If you ask social media wise then the brand versus imaging and the product quality does matter. Common man worth their money but also influenced by celeb endorsing it. So yes, social media influencers have definitely made a difference,” she adds.

    We also ask if Basu thinks with a celebrity’s name attached to a business increases people’s expectations. “I think it does. I’ve seen lot of brands collaborating with popular faces making their brands work. Most of the people gone into alternate business it’s not necessary they have invested money but it’s their face value that counts. If you think you have the act to do something successfully, have the power to influence people only then go for it because not everyone tastes success here,” she says.

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