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    Mother’s Day: Celebrities give out a message to their mothers, share that one special that thing they have learnt from the latter

    We are nothing without our mothers. They are our friend, philosopher, guide and real-life Gods. It’s our mothers’ love and care that nurture our lives, there is so much that we learn from them. Things that they teach us to remain with us till the end of our lives. Celebrities talk about that one thing they have learnt from their mothers that will stay with them forever. They also give out a message to the most special person of their lives. Find out what they have to share:

    Meera Deosthale
    I am whatever I have learnt from my mother. From childhood to even now, there are innumerable things that she has taught me. But first and foremost that will always stay with me is that she tells me to be a good person first. Never wrong someone, if you can’t do good to someone, don’t do bad either. She introduced me to my own conscience. This Mother’s Day I want to thank her for the wonderful mom that she is. For her love is never-ending love and trust on me. She has sacrificed a lot for her kids and I am very grateful for having her in my life.

    Sidharrth Sipani
    Independence and perseverance are the two things that I have learnt from my mother. She always tells me to stand up from how to believe that I could do anything if I put my mind and heart into it. I want to tell her that she is the inspiration behind what I am today and that I have learnt from her to move past all the obstacles and stay determined towards the goal.

    Priyamvada Kant
    I am an extension of my mom. I owe my entire life to her not just because she gave birth to me but for the way she supported me throughout my entire life. From taking me to dance classes, to helping me with my school projects… even after having a successful career she always gave her undivided attention towards me and our family. This is something that I have learnt from her. She has been a hands-on mother. I’ve been away from home for over ten years but I still call her for the smallest of things and need her suggestions. I know saying thank you won’t be enough but I will still tell her how grateful I feel to have her as my mother, teaching me the right and wrong, for passing on such amazing genes and being there for me incessantly.

    Nibeditaa Paal
    I think mothers are the biggest blessings on Earth. My mom is my best friend. Moms are selfless and I am so blessed to share such an amazing relationship with her. I tell her almost everything that happens in my life and she is always there to guide me. She is the one person who passes any judgements about me unless she finds out what the real truth is. I want to tell my mom today that she completes me, that I am nothing without her.

    Sneh Binny
    There are many things I have learnt from my mother, but the one thing that she keeps telling me is ‘mehnat ka phal zaroor milta hai’. When everything is going wrong, she’s the one who holds my hand, has my back. I don’t have words to tell her but she knows what she means to me.

    Anupama Solanki
    My mother has always told me to let my work do the talking. Along with a number of things, she also taught me how to cook well. She has always supported my dreams and helped me fulfil them. I want to tell my mother that you are the most beautiful mother in this world and you are a beauty with a brain. I have no words to describe my love for you, mom.

    Anjali Phougat
    My mother left everything in India and stayed with me in the US for one year during my daughter’s birth so as to take care of me and my child. So the first thing that I have learnt from her is to be selfless. I want to thank for everything and tell her how much I love and miss her all the time.

    Hasan Zaidi
    Ammi says ‘selflessness’, ‘unbiased love’ and my faith in Allah are the things that I need to keep in mind. She has always been my emotional support. Her love makes me stronger. She was born on February 14 and will always be my first valentine. I will just say ‘thank you’ to her, rest she would understand.

    Prajwal Gupta
    She always told us to help others, be thankful and stay content with whatever we have in life. I learnt how to cook and keep my home clean from her. She has made me self-dependent. I want to thank my mother in every step of my life, I owe her everything, and whatever I have become today is because of her.

    Rahul Bhatia
    I learnt patience from my mom. I feel in this world women have a lot more patience. She handled me with patience since I was in her womb even now when I make mistakes. On this Mother’s Day, I wish her and dad good health and a long life. I also want to tell her that I am incomplete with her in my life.

    Hrishikesh Pandey
    From childhood itself my mother taught me the right values and morals. My mother inculcated the habit of learning and implementing the saying in shlokas in Mahabharata, Bhagvad Gita and Puran. She has taught us not to be greedy and respect everyone around us. I want to tell her that she is and will always be my world.

    Mohit Daga
    The most important thing that I have learnt from my mom is manners, respecting all religions and gurus. I remember that she used to bribe us by saying that ‘learn this shloka, and then I’ll give you Rs 5 for ice cream’. I am falling short of words to give her a message. We are connected till eternity; she knows what I feel for her.

    Pritam Singh
    I have learnt patience from her. But then I have my father’s genes in me too and that makes me a little hyperactive and my kids have got it from me I guess. I would like to tell my mother that mother is one person that no matter how many times you thank her, it’s still not enough. I would like to tell her that she should stop worrying about other things now and relax a bit, take care of herself for a change.

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