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    It's very necessary to open up to your parents: Himansh Kohli

    Everyone has their own parenting style, but the one thing that all the parents in the world ask their kids to do is to share everything with them. And actor Himansh Kohli, who will soon be seen in the film "Boondi Raita", agrees to it and shared that this way a child can always stay away from making a mistake in the future.

    Speaking on the occasion of International Day of Families, which is observed on May 15, he said, "I remember my father used to counsel me and have a talk regarding everything. We used to have even the most awkward conversations so that it doesn't become a blunder in the future. It's very necessary to open up with your parents, because the advice they give you will always be in your favour, and they would also never let you do anything bad."

    The actor has a small family of four - his parents, who run a security business, and his sister, who is a baker and recently got married. They also have a dog called Donut who lives with them in their Delhi home.

    Himansh believes it is very important to have a family around especially while growing up. He said, "Family is like having somebody who loves you unconditionally. Having family around is the most basic requirement for any child to survive and thrive."

    "Your family helps build your personality and have a perspective in life. Family makes a home, home," he added.

    Having said that, the young actor also asserted that COVID has made everyone realise the importance of their families. I went through Covid with family and they were genuinely tough times. I got vaccinated. I request everyone t oget vaccinated"

    "We lost so many people in 2020, and it is happening again this year too. The fear of losing someone has got people even closer. We have also learnt how home is the only place you'd want to be if everything starts falling apart," Himansh said. Himansh's music videos are topping the charts and people are making reels on the song taking social media by storm.

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