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    Director Nitin Kumar Gupta on Recce in Europe for Film 'Only You'

    'Sayonee' director Nitin Kumar Gupta is in an undisclosed location in Europe, on a recce for his latest film 'Only You'. 

    Sharing photos of shortlisted locations, the writer-director discloses, "Only You is an out and out romantic film. It spans several decades with a hint of sci-fi. We want the locations to be different from what we have seen in Indian films so far."

    Elaborating on the locations, he says, "An important sequence takes place in an old European village, for which we scouted several cities before locking in on a village with a monastery, several huts, and horse stables. A part of the story takes place in a heritage European university with an ice hockey rink and pool. Thankfully we found the perfect place!"

    When asked about the sci-fi aspect, the 'L.A.C.' director says, "Part of the film takes place in the future. It puts an interesting spin on things, but revealing more at this stage would take out the fun. We are closely guarding the script."

    Asked about when he plans to start filming, the director, who is also a medical doctor says, "We would have loved to start filming immediately. But seeing the conditions back home, our hearts would truly not be in filming. I wish to return home at the earliest and help in whatever way possible."

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