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    Celebrities say fan love means everything to them, how it motivates them to do better

    It’s the love from their admirers that act as the driving force for performers. Every time a new show, film, play, song or series is released, fans extend their support to their favourite artist by appreciating their effort. Apart from taking autographs and requesting for photos, now in times of social media fans are directly in touch with their favourite celeb, which probably has made the fan-celeb relationship all the more stronger. We ask celebrities how important is fan adulation for them? Does it help them perform better? They also share one special fan experience.

    Nibeditaa Paal
    Fans are the reason we want to work harder. Their appreciation means a lot to us actors. We also acknowledge their criticism and work on it to do better. This relationship keeps us motivated, boosts our self-confidence each passing day. When they tell directly or message you on social media saying how much they enjoyed watching your perform on screen, it gives you a different kind of adrenaline rush. I feel humbled whenever I receive such reaction from my fans. I remember, I went to my Masi’s house for dinner once and she took a selfie with me and sent it to one of her students. Her students, who are my fans, didn’t believe my Masi when she told them she is related to me. So when they saw the photo and a small video that I had sent thanking them all for their support to me they went ballistic. They couldn’t believe it. So that was an overwhelming fan moment for me.

    Rahul Bhatia
    For a true artist, appreciation matters than money. Artists want people to recognise their work, and earn fame because of their work. Fan adulation motivates them to do better. If I talk about theatre actors, they don’t get paid well, but they work for appreciation, when their work is acknowledged by the audience with their claps, it motivates them, gives them satisfaction. Actors exist because of their fans. I remember, when I used to do reality shows, there was a huge craze for such shows among youngsters. Many would come to meet me, click selfies and take autographs. There is this one fan, whom I never met, but he found me on social media and requested for my address. Since then till now, he sends me a special cake on every birthday. I feel grateful for such love and support.

    Saahil Uppal: Fans are something that an actor earns for good. They are the best thing to happen to us all. Fan adulation keeps me motivated, pushes me to work harder and makes me feel nothing less than a winner. All my fans are very important to me. Their loyalty and support helps you wade through all the difficult times of your life. Whatever happens, your loyal fans will never leave your side. I am grateful for having them in my life. They also guide you whenever you make a mistake. I learn from my fans every day. I would share my first ever fan experience that is really special to me. I went to promote one of my shows to Agra once. It was my first time ever when I saw ‘my fans’, I was taken aback with all the adulation, I was overwhelmed. There was a huge crowd calling my name as if they knew me well. They wanted to take selfies, talk to me… it was a surreal experience. It took time to sink that in. The experience was all new to me and I couldn’t be happier. I, in fact, got emotional. It was a priceless moment of my life, something I will always cherish.

    Priyamvada Kant: Fans are a blessing in the life of any artist. What are we if we don’t have our fans in our life? Their love and support for us is pure. They support your choices and work and also tell you when you go wrong. It might be blood, but pure emotion is what connects us with our fans. Every praise or criticism that comes my way till date has only enthused me to work on my skills and perform better. Their likes and comments on social media make my day. I feel grateful to have them in my life. As far as fan experiences are concerned, there are quite a few to choose from. And I must all of them are closest to my heart. There was this boy who wrote me letters and also sent gifts to my place seven days prior to my birthday a few years back. On the final day, he was there at my doorstep with a huge card, bouquet and a basket full of gifts. I was not in my house at that time, but later I made sure to catch up with him. He is such a sweet person. I was so touched by his gesture.

    Sharad Malhotra: Fans love and adulation is important. If you are honest and passionate about your work, it shows in your performance. And true fans never miss that genuine side of yours on screen. When I think of our fans, who only see us on screen, do not know us personally, yet love us so much and even pray for our good health, it makes me think that I must have done something good in life to have got these admirers. I want to do better every time to make them happy, to live to their love and expectations… Over the years there have been many fan experiences and all of them have been special. But if I have to talk about one then I must mention this family where everyone used to watch this particular show of mine together daily. One of them wrote to me saying how much the goodness in my character motivates them to do better, how much they love the way I perform, and that watching that show used to complete their day. I had no words.

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