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    Binaiferr Kohli on running three successful TV comedie

    Comedy shows are much more difficult than regular ones… all our sitcoms are different from each other

    Over the years, producers Sanjay Kohli and Binaiferr Kohli’s brand of comedy have been making people laugh. In difficult times like these, such TV shows provide all the more relief. Kohlis’, who have three successful comedies Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan and Jijaji chhat parr koii hai on air currently, say it is not easy to make people laugh.

    “Comedy shows are much more difficult than regular shows and we have three of them on air at the moment. But if you see all the stories, characters, premises and even approach in these shows are different. Yet all these shows are family-based sitcoms that everyone can watch together. It’s very rewarding to be able to cheer our audience with our shows in times like these. We have been really working hard to keep at it and will continue to do so,” says Binaiferr.

    Sanjay, for a reason, is called the king of comedy. Binaiferr shares that he & his team know the pulse of the audience and understand what kind of stories touch a chord with them.
    Casting & execution are important steps that follow.

    We do & will keep striving to do better says the team who has been taking all the awards the last few years.

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