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    Being muscular-toned makes you more appealing, attractive and worthy : Lokesh Thakur

    Mumbai based well known fitness enthusiast and a fashion & lifestyle blogger Lokesh Thakur, who aspire to develop and maintain a well-balanced, lean and muscular physique. Lokesh is ruling the social media with his pictures flaunting a raw attractive body. Girls are seem being amazed by his look which makes him most wanted on Instagram. We got in touch with him to learn about his love to fitness and future plans.

    Talking about his passion about fitness. He says, "I was always passionate about looking good, feeling healthy and following a fit life. But since last five years I got serious towards having a fit-toned body and now I'm chasing that fit life, I was dreaming for. I remember the day, I realized to work towards my body, to make myself feel good and proud. With each passing day, I feel boosted to work more harder and pamper myself. Now I'm use to follow my strict diet and maintain my calorie count. I workout daily for two to three hours and keep myself engaged with a healthy lifestyle."

    Lokesh Thakur

    Asked if having muscular toned body makes easy way for an acting career. He reveals, "I won’t particularly say that having a muscular or toned body makes someone fit for any industry but of course it serves the criteria and makes you more appealing, attractive and worthy for the entertainment industry. Though I believe muscular body doesn’t have anything in specific related to entertainment. If I talk about myself as of now I don’t have any acting dream or wish to be in the entertainment industry but if I get a chance to do something great here, I will surely be having big dreams out of it."

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