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    Awareness level required to fight this pandemic is very high: Pranitaa Pandit

    India has so far reported over 15 lakhs Coronavirus cases. Sanitising and wearing masks has become a very normal thing now and actress Pranitaa Pandit feels that the awareness required to fight this pandemic is very high.

    Talking about the new normal, she said, "In the last few months life has changed drastically, not just for you and me it has changed drastically for everyone in this world, so no one is alone we all are going through this pandemic together. The new normal looks very different from what our normal life used to look like, but we have to make an extra effort in terms of hygiene, sanity. Sanitising also in terms of the mind set as everybody has realised that we have to mentally battle this virus before we physically battle it. Awareness level that is required to fight this pandemic is very high. We have to be aware 24*7 of our external environment. I don’t think anyone is aware of our external environment than we are now," she said.

    The entertainment industry was shut for three-long-months because of the pandemic and the consequent lockdown and the shoots resumed earlier this month. The "Kavach" actress says she is proud of the industry for making an effort to get back to work.

    "I am extremely proud that we all are making an effort to get back to work again and it is a big risk but still I am extremely proud and happy that all my industry friends are making this effort, and people are really putting work over themselves at this point of time and also at the same time taking a lot of precautions," she said.

    She also admitted that surviving in an expensive city like Mumbai is not easy especially in this pandemic situation, but is hopeful that things will get back to normal soon.

    "A lot of actors are struggling and it’s extremely difficult to survive in a city like Mumbai and work. Considering the situation now the industry going back to the new normal and I am sure sooner or later, it’s a matter of few months, everyone is again going to start working and find work. Life has changed for all of us but we still need to move on," she said.

    Recently, during the lockdown a lot of shows like "Beyhadh 2", " Vidya", to name a few, were pulled down. The actress feels that it's this uncertainty that makes an actor insecure.

    "There is no stability in our industry, overnight you become a star, overnight you earn a lot of money and then overnight your show shuts or something happens and it’s all over, so because of the kind of fluctuations that our industry goes through it develops a lot of insecurities in actors. I don’t blame them for it and it is very natural to be insecure about their work, money because some shows run for eight years and some even don’t run for eight months," she said.

    The entertainment industry gives rise to a new gossip every day. From stories about linkups to breakups, we get to hear a new one with a new day. But Pranitaa feels that actors who have been in the industry long enough don't pay heed to such gossips.

    "I think the actors who have worked enough in the industry for more than a few years they are very comfortable about the whole rumour bit of affairs and relationships. Personally, I don’t think it affects your peace of mind because somewhere down the line whoever has worked in the industry has faced it in someway or the other and it comes naturally, it is an part and parcel of the work we do, " she said.

    This profession is also full of unending competition, especially with new actors entering every day. The "Kasam – Tere Pyar Ki" actress believes that with various OTT platforms coming in, the opportunities have also increased.

    "There will always be a competition in the industry. Thanks to the OTT platforms, I feel that the opportunities for everyone has really increased but still there is a lot of competition and no one can deny that, so I feel there is some kind of work available for all kind of people. It has really given a way to a lot of new talent which otherwise had not been if the OTT platforms were not there," she said.

    Lastly, when asked about the two things she learnt about the industry in this pandemic, she said, "One, that the industry is full of artistic spirits and open minds. Second, everyone is really passionate about their work.

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