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    Amit Mishra: While government is setting up more Covid hospitals, taking care of oxygen supplies, Lucknowites should cooperate and help each other

    Calling the present crisis gruesome, producer Amit Mishra feels devastated to see things only getting worse with surge in cases and vaccine shortage. The fact that many people are losing their loved ones, crying out for help and suffering due to poor health facilities is all the more heartbreaking. Among the other cities in India, the situation in Lucknow is also getting worse.

    Mishra begins by sending condolences for the bereaved families. “We have to stay strong to fight this back. Lucknow will not lose this battle against corona and we will never let it lose!!! #StaystrongIndia #StaystrongLucknow. We all are together in this. I request all the people to stay indoors and wear masks. Avoid going out unnecessarily,” he says. He adds that the government is trying hard to manage the situation and deserves cooperation from every single person.

    “More Covid hospitals need to be set up, oxygen supplies and other medical requirements should be provided without any hassle. While the Government is working on all these, Lucknowites should come forward to help each other. Being responsible citizens, we can do our part by not stepping out and staying indoors,” he adds. Mishra says that the time is critical and it is making us realise the value of little things in our lives. He urges everyone to be patient and courageous to face it.

    “These times should not break us but bind us together. Nothing stays the same forever, time changes. These hard times, pain, suffering will end too. This time too shall pass.....I am trying to keep myself busy by setting goals for myself daily. Then I’m keeping some time to connect with my friends, relatives, colleagues and team members. During lockdown as we are prohibited to walk outside I spend time with my family members,” he says. Requesting everyone to please follow Government protocols and keep themselves safe he adds, “Please stay home, follow protocols. Consume limited news from genuine sources only because too much news and falling prey to rumours can take a toll on your mental health. These are hard times, take care of your loved ones and help those in need.”

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