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    Actor Amit Sarin shares one thing of his mother which he tries to follow

    On this Mother’s Day, actor Amit Sarin, currently residing in the US, tells us what is the one teaching of his late mother he still remembers of her. He says,” I still remember her telling me that how you talk to others defines your character and reflects the values your parents have given you. Yes, I still try and follow it and wish my kids to follow it too.”

    Amit and his wife Vineesha are proud parents of two wonderful kids. Amit also adds,” I remember she took me to watch this film Sajan Bina Suhagan and the song from that film Madhuban Khushboo Deta hai sung by my favourite singer Yesudas, I try and sing that song remembering my mother.”
    So when was the time you feel you have made her proud? Amit says,” Honestly I don’t know and I will never be able to ask her that question but I just hope that she will be proud of me and of how I have lived my life so far and taken care of my family.”

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