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    Writer Prajwal Gupta on getting acting offers: I would love to take them up only when it would not disturb my writing work

    Prajwal Gupta has been making small screen audiences laugh with his writing skills for the last few years. From Comedy Circus, Bigg Boss entries, Comedy Nights Bachao to Honey Bunny ka Jholmal, he has written an array of shows in the genre. Interestingly, Gupta has been getting acting offers too.

    “Yes it is true, but I have not accepted any acting offers yet. I am interested in acting. These offers came earlier as well but I was too consumed in writing my shows and wanted to focus on one thing at the beginning of my career. I am still the same person. I will take up the offer and love to act on any platform only when it does not disturb my writing,” he makes things clear.

    Though Gupta has “no formal training in acting”, given his experience so far, he is confident enough to pull it off.

    “I believe in observing and witnessing performances closely. That helps me in understanding the story and character better. I observe character through every aspect, from the way he or she behaves to how they react or deal with a situation. When I am writing the scripts of my comedy shows, I am also playing out the performance in my mind. Sometimes I even end up performing or telling people how I thought an act should be performed for maximum impact. More than anything else, I am always ready to learn new things,” he adds.

    Do you think writers can be good actors? “Yes, why not? No one knows the story, the emotions, the characters more than the writer,” says Gupta.

    A lot of people join dreams of becoming an actor for the name, fame and money that comes with it. “Everyone has different goals in life. For me acting is another excuse to never stop learning or growing. There will always be a new character to prepare for, new things to learn and understand. Why settle in life or satisfy doing one then when there are so many new avenues to explore and discover,” he adds.

    A fan of Partineeti Chopra, Gupta is hopeful someday he would work with her, be it as a writer or an actor. “Everyone knows in my circle knows my admiration for Parineeti Chopra. Thank God she is an actor because I can watch her anytime in films. I once got a chance to meet her on a shoot, narrated her some stuff on her vanity that she liked. She is so comforting and fun loving to work with, hope we will work on some project soon,” says the writer, who is inspired by filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani’s body of work.

    “He is brilliant when it comes to developing scenes for films. He wonderfully highlights social issues in a very easy yet entertaining way for people to understand. Working with him would be special,” he ends.

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