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    Sshrey Pareek: I consider Hanuman ji as my Guru, my guiding force... and my dad is my mentor, I always try to follow his advice

    Sshrey Pareek feels spirituality is defined by how a person is in real life, how he or she reacts to the surrounding and conducts his or her life. The Qurbaan Hua believes in the Supreme Power and humanity over everything else.

    “I feel how you are from inside is all that matters. If you think and do good to others, your life is definitely special. I think there’s only one power. Different cultures have created different perspective as to how you can reach closer to that power. The idea to understand that we need to behave and do what is right, be able to concentrate on one real power towards whom we address our worries and thoughts. But we humans are selfish and often look for shortcuts to everything. That isn’t the right approach,” he says.

    Pareek has been through experiences when he felt closer to the Almighty. “It was around 2008, I was working with Shiamak Davar back then and used to come back home regularly from CST station almost at the same time when this incident happened. I don’t want to say much about it but that day I felt something helped me get over a very difficult time. Later I felt that it happened for a reason,” he adds.

    The best spiritual practice, according to Pareek, is to make people around you happy, try to motivate them to do the best. He also follows Satguru’s meditation Ishakriya. This is something that he tries to do regularly.

    “I wanted to follow a guru but haven’t found the one. So I consider Hanuman ji as my Guru. He is my guiding force. I also like Satguru’s philosophy of spirituality. Also, my dad is my mentor, I always try to follow his advice,” he adds.

    The actor says that the pandemic has made him compassionate and more spiritual. “I think it has changed the whole world and our collective vision. Nothing is constant and if you do not respect Nature/Mother Earth then you have to face the consequences. We have to be compassionate and loving. My philosophy of life is simple. Stay happy and understand tha no matter what, real happiness can’t be materialistic. And my idea of happiness and peace is that I should feel both from within,” he ends.

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