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    Soundarya Sharma adheres to multiple fitness forms to keep ag absolute fitness

    Lockdown or ko lockdown, this girl knows no stopping. Soundarya Sharma is taking to multiple arenas of fitness. She loves running and that's old news. She has taken to gymming, yoga, and Mixed martial arts. Soundarya looks fit as a fiddle and that speaks a lot about the effort she puts in. This girl is absolutely relentless when it comes to staying fit and healthy.

    Let's just hear it from her to see what she has to say, "I am a firm believer in wholesome fitness. It's something I have invested a lot of time learning and practicing. Even though I put on or lose weight the body functions have to stay the same or get better. Mobility is a huge part. It gives us not just confidence but also longevity. It is important to do it as young as possible. As actors, it's such a high-performance job. We need to be at a very high level of fitness to do as asked and when asked. Diet is such a huge part and it's so neglected. One has to put in the right amount and type of fuel for the body to function. We are designed to move and so we should do. Just get that body moving."

    Well, that's such good advice and yet simple. Let's get moving wherever we can. We wish Soundarya all the luck for Raktanchal 2 and all her upcoming projects.

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