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    Social media helps us tell the world who we are as a person. So there’s not much that you can hide- Pranitaa Pandit!

    In this age of social media, it is extremely important to be responsible says Pranitaa Pandit. The Uttaran actor shares that this is more important for celebrities who have a good number of followers, who get influenced by what the celebrity say or do.

    “You have to be responsible about whatever you put out because that does create an impact. I never want to mislead my followers. This isn’t what social media means. We need to influence people towards doing what is right and stay positive,” she says adding that this approach can help in curbing the negativity that’s engulfing social media. Pandit also feels that it’s important to take a stand in what one believes in because otherwise there is no point of having a social media account.

    “Social media helps us telling the world who we are as a person. So there’s not much that you can hide. Who you are, what do you believe in, what do you stand for will eventually be seen in one way or the other. So why not use it the right way to help others, put forth your views and spread happiness?” she questions. Acknowledging the importance of social media in an actor’s life, Pandit also refers to the conversations around the biases in the industry that was rampant in the space for quite some time now.

    “There are a lot of people who do get exploited but that’s not only in our industry. There are the kind of people who are there everywhere and will try to exploit you but you have to always be wise enough to know what is the right route to follow. For any newcomer, it’s important to do a background check before saying yes to something. Remember, whenever we think of any shortcuts there is some catch in it. Just follow your dream passionately, here things take time to happen. And don’t think everything bad being said about the industry is true. Every place is a mix of good and bad,” she adds. The actor feels these talks are definitely helping at the same time a massive change in the industry has already started to happen after the emergence of OTT.

    “A lot of actors are getting to do what they always wanted to do, are playing characters which are very different and real. That more people are getting work is liberating and addresses the biases being discussed about. Now the audience have also become smarter and won’t accept anything that isn’t worthy. This has happened because of our exposure to world content. We all have become matured and receptive,” she explains.

    So what interests her in a project? “There is no such criterion except that I want to play substantial roles that are real. If a part clicks with me I take it up irrespective of the length of the role. When I was offered Kavach I said yes within 10 - 15 minutes, because I loved the character, found it quite intriguing. I am quite instinctive that way… And I don’t regret making any decision as far as my profession is concerned. We all makes mistakes and learn from it,” says the actor, known for TV shows like Uttaran, Jamai Raja and Kasautii Zindagi Kay.

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