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    Sneh Binny: We need to give other sports importance and not just cricket

    The rise in Covid cases has been the cause of concern for the entire country. Entrepreneur Sneh Patel aka Sneh Binny, who has also got infected by the virus last month, says that he feels lucky to have survived the difficult times.

    “I tested positive on March 26, and it’s just been about 10 days since I’m out of quarantine. Thankfully I had mild symptoms and home isolation was enough. Currently, hospitals are swarmed and I have just got to know that a 14-year-old child passed away in Surat. The second wave is serious, I hope the government will do the right thing and as fast as possible to make the situation better,” he says.

    Every sector is facing setbacks yet again due to the Covid situation. Given that he co-owns Delhi Binny’s Brigade along with actor Divya Khosla Kumar, the team that is a part of Tennis Premier League, and takes keen interest in sports, we ask him about how has the sports Industry been affected.

    “Currently not many sports events are happening in India. Gyms, sports clubs and shops are closed in many parts of the country. Sports Industry is also suffering like any other. However, IPL is happening which is keeping people entertained while at home, but it’s not the same fun as watching it live in the stadium with everyone cheering together. I just hope those old days are back soon,” he sounds worried.

    Talking about the future of sports in India, Patel goes on to add, “It is definitely bright. We are the country with the highest millennial population. The love for sports is driving many youngsters to take this up as their profession. So we’ll get to see more talents in future. However, we need to work on giving them the stage and facilities to perform. We need to give other sports importance and not just cricket.”

    So what are the do's and don'ts you're following in terms of Lockdown? “Sanitisation, mask, opting for virtual meetings, maintaining social distance, drinking Green tea and herbal tea, opting for a healthy diet and avoiding shaking hands,” he answers.

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