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    Prateik Chaudhary: If I ever get a chance to enter Bigg Boss, Salman Khan would be the primary reason why I would say yes

    Paramavtar Shri Krishna actor Prateik Chaudhary is here to explore his art to the fullest and make a name in the industry. While he has done fiction shows, Chaudhary is keen on doing non-fictions as well. He is interested in doing reality shows.

    “I have been offered a few reality shows but every time I would be busy with some other project. When you are committed to something, you can’t take up more work. Tjough right now I am occupied with work, I would love to take up reality shows in future,” says the actor expressing his inclination towards doing Bigg Boss.

    Speaking about it he adds, “I am the biggest Salman Khan fan. He is the perfect host not only for Big Boss but for any reality show as we want the real stuff from the reality shows and made up things. He is all real, straightforward and very honest. If I ever get a chance to enter Bigg Boss, Salman Khan would be the primary reason why I would say yes. Working with him would be an experience in itself. I also like the concept of the show. It’s both fascinating and entertaining.”

    Chaudhary also watches the show but he could not catch up the last season well because he was caught up.

    Many opine that contestants are expected to do a lot of drama within the house. When asked if he is ready for it, the actor says, “I don’t think I can do unnecessary drama ever. But if I ever enter the Bigg Boss house, all I would do is to be real and go with the flow. I am sure the audience would like to see the real side of the contestant and not all the drama and fake fights.”

    Chaudhary feels many use Bigg Boss as a platform to get instant attention and stardom. “But this instant attention and stardom does not guarantee your sustainability in the industry. Here you will have to hustle and do more hard work after Big Boss as nothing comes easy. It's not only big boss but even if you give a blockbuster hit movie, you still have to keep working hard. That’s the process. You have to keep on working harder and better as that’s the only way to sustain stardom or success, whatever you call it,” he concludes.

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