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    Prashant Bajaj on the competition around the follower count on social media: Followers will follow you only if you deserve to be followed

    Prashant Bajaj says that the presence and impact of social media in these times are revolutionary for many, including actors. Be it showcasing their work, reaching out to more talent, getting more work and making direct contact with fans, social media is the place to be. However, at the same time, he states that one should be responsible while using various platforms, think twice before posting, sharing or making any comments as whatever they say or do has an impact upon their fans.

    “Social media is the major medium not only for actors but for the entire world. Be it with Covid-19, what’s happening around the world, what our PM is saying or the sad demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, it’s the place where we get to know a lot. The good thing is that social media offers you the freedom to put forth your opinion about anything under the sun. For us actors, it helps us interact with our fans directly, sometime some are also able to create their brand value,” he says.

    Actors have thousands and millions following them, trying to emulate everything they do via the information they get on social media. Hence, here comes the responsibility part.

    “Social media absolutely does wonders for actors like me. At the same time we should also do what is right. Expressing your opinion strongly is good but not at the cost of hurting anyone else’s statement. We need to be careful as to what we are sharing as there are many who does exactly what we do. In fact, when we know we can influence so many people, why not do it for good? While I vouch for the responsibility part but I can’t talk about anyone else but myself, and I do practise what I preach,” he adds.

    Some opine that many are faking it on social media and the number of followers has become an obsession for many.

    “I believe followers will follow you only if you deserve to be followed. So keep doing the hard work. I don’t think this competition as to who has got more followers does not make sense. And, yes every place has something good or bad. There are many who hide their real self on social media and there are others who are just the opposite. It depends on what road would you prefer. For me, I prefer keeping things real. If you can’t say something good stay quiet. It’s better to be limited and positive than going overboard and create problems,” explains Bajaj, who never misses posts by Bajaj Cristiano Ronaldo and Virat Kohli.

    Throwing some light on the positive side of social media, Bajaj adds further, “You get to know what’s going on around you , kill your free time by learning about something new, videos at times are entertaining so are the beautiful photos. During this pandemic, social media helped us connect with people across the globe, got us information regarding how everyone else is working against the virus and what we should be doing as well.”

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