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    Prajwal Gupta: I have a shoe fetish, tried controlling myself from splurging much on shoes often, but haven’t yet succeeded

    Fashion is all about what is trending when it comes to the clothes we wear says Prajwal Gupta. The writer explains that the word fashion means different things to different people, every individual also have their own choice and requirement.

    “Wearing fashionable clothes makes me confident, excited, fresh and positive. A friend once gave me this advice, dress as per your age and body type, and I have been following that,” says Gupta, who has worked in projects like Comedy Circus, Bigg Boss entries, Mujhse Shadi Karogi: Shehnaaz ka Swayamvar, Comedy Nights Bachao, Honey Bunny ka Jholmal etc. He feels clothes say a lot about the image a person wants to maintain, his or her social identity, status and class. “But don’t confuse any of these with what someone actually is from inside. Clothes do not define that part of someone. Yes it’s true that when someone is feeling good from the inside, he or she dresses up well. But people also dress up well for occasion even without being ready to be a part of it. There might be many things going on the person’s mind… So clothes can only define us superficially,” he explains. Gupta shops every two-three months. All thanks to his sister who does most shopping for him. “I have a massive shoe fetish. Tried controlling myself from splurging so much on shoes often but have not yet succeeded,” he says. While Gupta does not have any major fashion faus pas moment but he does recollect wearing something he was not comfortable in but made sure no one noticed his discomfort. “I could not take the fact that everyone wore harem pants around me as they were fashionable. It simply did not look good on everyone and somehow I never liked or understood that style,” he ends.

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