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    Pankit Thakker to shoot marriage sequence in Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha: There will be a twist in the tale

    Pankit Thakker as Chetan Rawal has been winning hearts in the show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha. For those who are fans of this fiction and Chetan, here’s a piece of news for them. The actor will soon be shooting an interesting marriage sequence for the daily that will add to the much required drama.

    “Marriage sequences are always interesting and the most fun part of any show. Audiences love to see the weddings and all the ceremonies etc. Apart from adding a lot of glamour it adds a lot of drama to the storyline which keeps the audience wanting for more. Ours too is no different. I hope the audience will like the new twist in the story,” he says. Thakker praises the producers of the show, Sonali and Amir Jaffer, for the way they usually shoot such sequences. “Their style is both unique and appealing. We are not only given amazing clothes and jewellery but they make it very real which helps us to perform better. Even on the set everyone is so excited that we will be pulling this off with limited crew in such times,” he adds.

    Not just his fans, even his colleagues have been saying good things about Thakker’s performance. “Recently my co-actor Saee Barve complimented me on my performance and said that my way of performance is natural and subtle because of which I stand out in the crowd. It feels like I am the character in reality and not an actor who is performing a different part. Such compliments motivate me,” he says adding that Barve, and even the lead pair Richa Rathore and Vijayendra Kumeria have been taking the show to new heights.

    “Saee is a good actor. She understands her character well and delivers accordingly. Both Vijayendra and Saee are amazing. Vijayendra is very natural, he has given more than 100 percent to this show, be it his acting or professionalism or his bonding with the cast and the crew. Richa, on the other hand, stands tall because of the way she is portraying her role. She is talented, versatile, intelligent and a confident performer,” he adds.

    Thakker shares that everyone has a lot of fun making the show and look forward to coming on the sets. When asked about some behind the scene incident he says, “Sometime back Vijayendra had to perform a scene where he was supposed to fall in a wedding sequence. He did that so well that we actually thought he fell down for real and hurt himself. That scene came out really well.”

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