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    Nanda Yadav has a series of projects lined up for release and she is working round the clock on completing them

    Nanda Yadav has multiple projects on the verge of release. She will be seen in "Its abuse only", Sharir, Kalabai from Byculla, Miqdaar, and Aagah. Nanda Yadav was seen in the movie why cheat India? Alongside the very talented Emraan Hashmi. She has never looked back since. She also has a bubbling youtube channel of her own. She is a workaholic and she has laid her hands on some really hard-hitting content in the initial years of her work in the industry.

    We spoke to Nanda and here is what she says, "All these projects are really different from each other and yes they all have some message hidden within which we as a society ignore to acknowledge them. The whole idea is to put it across the table and see how the audience reacts .” It’s abuse only “ is about two struggling souls who find solace in each other company not knowing whether it will be better or worse. And “Sharir” again talks about one's insecurities. Whereas “kalabai" from Byculla” exactly answers one’s insecurities. Miqdaar talks about the difficult times faced by a family during a lockdown and posts lockdown whereas “Aagah” is about honor killing that went wrong. These are projects which have a big message and I want the audience to take them personally and that's one way where I can see change coming in."

    We are surprised to see the range of projects that this girl has taken upon her. We have nothing but all the love and luck for her.

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