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    Minissha Lamba looks ethereal from her Maldives vacation

    Minissha Lamba has been on a vacatio in Maldives amidst the sun, sand and the lovely beaches. Capturing interesting moments with a lot of exotic pictures, she looks absolutely stunning, super fit and happy. She has been putting in those hours at the gym and it's pretty evident.

    We spoke to the pretty girl and here is what she has to say, "Maldives has been on my bucket list forever. Its like my fantasy vacation. Growing up I would hear of my classmates going with family. And see their beautiful pictures when they returned. It's just taken me my whole life to get there. But the wait was worth it."

    Minissha's pictures are every girl's dream. She continues to give us the body goals and the vacation goals. We wish her all the luck and love.

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