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    Mask game on point: Celebs urge everyone to join hands in fight against Covid-19

    The pandemic has disrupted our lives and freedom. Last year has been difficult, but somehow we could wade through it and control the virus from spreading to an extent. But it seems some people did not take the threat seriously and thought the virus is gone. Thanks to them and to those who have not been taking precautions, there is a surge in Covid-19 cases across the country. Our worst nightmare that is the second wave is for real now.

    So, let’s forget everything and come together to put up the strongest fight against the virus urge celebs. Celebs Aarvika Gupta, Delnaaz Irani, Aly Goni, Ajay Singh Chaudhury, Hasan Zaidi, Amit Mishra, Hrishikesh Pandey and Nivedita Basu, join hands in this battle and requests everyone for their full support. They share their photo wearing masks without fail every time we step out. Apart from having mask game on, do maintain social distance, wash your hands frequently, and do carry a sanitiser everywhere. Let’s understand and join forces against for a Covid-19 free world that we all want. Let’s us all get back to our happy normal life again.

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