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    'Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2': Pratigya feels that Meera likes Krishna

    "Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2" came back after nine years with an interesting story. Pratigya continues her battle, but this time as a lawyer, and even goes against her family for the truth. And while that is not over yet, she came across a new challenge, her survival.

    She was recently informed by a doctor that she is suspected of blood cancer, and has only a few months left to live. She has a turmoil going inside her, but has put a brave face on for her family. And now she is on a mission to find the perfect wife for Krishna and a perfect mother for her kids.

    After the anniversary celebration, Krishna and family gather together for antakshari. During the game while Amma notices Meera's liking towards Krishna, Aadarsh notices Krishna's name tattooed on her hand. By the end of the game Meera, Krishna and kids get along well, and Pratigya notices all this. Seeing this Amma encourages Pratigya to get Meera into Krishna's life.

    Will Pratigya be successful? Will Krishna get to know the truth? How will he react to all this? To know what happens next keep watching "Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2".

    "Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2" features Anupam Shyam, Chetan Hansraj, Sachal Tyagi, Parvati Sehgal, Aalika Sheikh and Bhumika Gurung. The show, which is being led by Pearl Grey as the showrunner, creative producer and writer, and produced under Rajan Shahi's banner Director's Kut Productions, airs on Star Bharat from Monday to Friday at 8:30 p.m.

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