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    Is the buzz around IPL not much this year? Is cricket losing its charm in India? Celebs weigh in on the debates

    The Indian Premier League kicks off tomorrow. Eight premier teams are all geared up to take the trophy home. Knowing how much the country loves cricket, many are of the opinion that the buzz isn’t what it usually is. We ask celebrities whether they feel the same and if cricket, which is considered to a religion in India, still holds its place in our hearts. They also talk about their love for the sport, and share favourite memories. Read on:

    Ashish Johri
    Being an Indian, cricket runs in our blood. I used to play gully cricket with my friends and our local team was quite popular. I remember how every time there was an important match the entire colony kids used to sit together at one place to watch all the action. Cricket is known as a gentleman’s game… We would cheer, stress and clap together every time our team scored well with the bat or took a wicket. But yes in times like these we are not being able to enjoy either playing or watching the game live. I wish that these difficult times pass soon and we get to enjoy the sport like before.

    Srishti Jain
    Well I think because of the pandemic the buzz around IPL is not what it usually is. Guess we’re all wondering how things will turn out owing to the current situation. I remember the 2011 World Cup. We had got a big screen installed in our community and residence of all apartments in the housing watched the match together. Well I’ve not been much of a cricket fan but for sure the sport will always hold its place in the heart of us Indians.

    Micckie Dudaaney
    I’m a huge cricket fanatic. They rightly say India has only two religions, cricket and Bollywood, I'm blessed to be a part of both. I still play cricket, and a part of the cricket club called Boxy Boyz which was found by Salil Ankola and Shabbir Ahluwalia. I have been playing for them since 2005, since the time I came to Mumbai. We play club matches and recently had a cricket tournament called Actors Cricket Bash. I participated in all the seasons of this tournament. Obviously, IPL has its own craze but it seems to have waned since last years given the situation we have been going through. But I still enjoy watching IPL matches on screen like several others. We friends catch all the action together. We also form our own team on the app called Dream11 and compete with each other as well.

    Mohit Daga
    Jyada Khana agar aap kisi ko khila de toh azeeran toh jata hai, same thing has happened with cricket. Earlier there was much craze around the sport but now there are lot of series and tournaments. Too much of something means overdose. But there are still people who love the sport too much to lose interest. And yes in India cricket has been admired a lot, that love won’t change so soon.

    Aniruddh Dave
    I’m not fond of cricket but as of now I would say that a lot of people are just at home, they’re not going anywhere, many are working from home, so definitely this time this IPL will definitely provide joy, enthusiasm and entertainment to them. In India, cricket hai toh sab kuch hai. In Jaipur I used to go to Sawai Man Singh Stadium to watch different Cricket matches. I used to get duty on ground wherein the I used to stand outside the boundary to collect balls, so whenever there used to be sixes and fours, it used to be my duty to throw the ball back to the players. I enjoyed doing that. Cricket is a religion in India. But slowly things have changed and even today there is a whole different aura and craze around India Vs Pakistan matches and world cups. I feel that everything has it’s time. Unlike 10-15 years ago when everyone would cheer for Sachin Tendulkar, that sort of enthusiasm is gone.

    Hrishikesh Pandey
    We’re always excited to watch the matches. Personally I enjoy watching the game live with friends and family. People cheering in the ground for their favourite player or ever time a ball hits the boundary or goes over it is a different kind of an experience. But since last year we are missing out on that kind of fun and are watching the game in the confines of our homes. Yes everything has its own charm and hype and we can still afford to sit at home and watch it on TV, so many of us will enjoy IPL. And the love for cricket went die down so soon in India.

    Prajwal Gupta
    I love playing cricket, even more than watching it. During the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown I re-watched a lot of old and memorable matches. I used to watch cricket matches with my friends live on the grounds. We used to bunk classes and watched cricket videos in the washroom and that was an awesome experience. I am very fond of this sport and I will never leave any chance of playing it at any age. I have played the game at age 6, and at 16, and will continue playing it till I am 66. The love and respect for this sport is never less than any religion in India.

    Pranitaa Pandit
    I am actually not that fond of cricket, but yes I understand cricket because when I was in my teens my father used to watch the sport and we would give him company. Yes, cricket used to be a religion in India, as earlier people used to come together and watch it as if they are celebrating a festival. Nowadays people are busy with their lives, they don’t get much time to watch cricket. But now I think this IPL season will be a big source of entertainment for people stuck at home given this lockdown. So this season of IPL will be a great ray of hope for all of us, who are cooped up at our houses.

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