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    For me reading is a workout for the brain: Samikssha Batnagar

    Actress Samikssha Batnagar, who recently featured in Shemaroo's digital film "Black Rose", feels just like our body needs physical exercise to be healthy, similarly, our minds too need regular workouts, and reading helps with that.

    Speaking on the occasion of World Book Day, which is observed on April 23, the young actress said, "For me reading is a workout for the brain and just as physical exercise decreases the risk of diabetes and heart disease, regular reading improves memory, concentration, and mood. This is especially relevant in the current pandemic situation."

    Sharing how reading helped her during the ongoing pandemic and the nationwide lockdown in March 2020, she said, "The beginning of 2020 has seen millions of lives turned upside down due to the global outbreak. Reading is one thing that really helps me cope with stress and provides creative solutions in the uncertain times of Covid-19.

    "Balancing my emotions has been a never-ending journey, especially during the novel coronavirus pandemic. 2020 has been quite an emotional rollercoaster and it's still not over yet. It's times like these where a good read that inspires, motivates, and nourishes my mind (and soul) can help me feel more connected and at peace amidst the chaos," Samikssha added.

    The actress, who will soon be seen in web series "Jo Hukum Mere Aaka", confessed that she is more into action and adventure, mystery and motivational books, and has also read Bhagavad Gita, Metahuman: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential, Fates and Furies, and The Magic of Thinking Big.

    During the lockdown, Samikssha read around nine books and shared that this habit can bring out one's creative side too. She said, "I discovered my love of reading as an adult and it’s now a major source of joy! And as someone who needs to hold a lot of things together and is working on being less of an emotional robot, I have found that books offer an opportunity for me to 'safely' express emotion, and they also give me an opportunity to disappear down an escape tunnel when things are stressful, like, you know, say, during a global pandemic."

    "It can motivate you to get imaginative, creative, and kind towards yourself and others, and can help you deal with tough times, and possibly find a happier outlook," concluded the actress, who is awaiting the release of her film "Dhadke Dil Baar Baar".

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