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    Five A list Celebs share the motto they live by!

    As we grow up, put in sincere effort to decipher this journey called life, we learn a lot. A part of that learning also makes us find the one motto that we all want to live by. Celebrities share the motto of their lives and also explain they believe in it. Find out:

    Jasmin Bhasin
    .Human life is precious. Believe in yourself, do your best, and do it every day with a smile. I am a straight forward person and that is the way I am.

    Aly Goni
    Follow your heart. Live life one day at a time. Life is in the present. Your happiness is your choice and your way of life. Be yourself at all times.

    Sharad Malhotra
    You were born to stand out and stop trying to fit in. I believe one must strike a balance in life, thoughts, emotions, and actions. Follow your dreams and it will take you places.

    Vivian Dsena
    It is important to keep working on your skills and keep growing. Your positive attitude makes all the difference and follow your heart. If you follow your heart you will be happy.

    Rupali Ganguly
    There is this one line that I have always lived by, something my father always said, good things happen with good people, even though things might get delayed, but if you do well, it will definitely come back to you. So, never to lose hope. If you do good karma, then God will always be there for you.

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