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    Celebs laud government’s decision to allow vaccines for all above 18 years, urges everyone to follow precautions even after getting vaccinated

    Amid the concern around the second wave of Covid-19 infections in India, the government permitting vaccination of everyone above 18 from May 1 made many have a sigh of relief. After all, both the vaccines are giving us a certain percentage of protection and doctors are strongly recommending them. Celebrities talk about this move by the government and also share about their plans of taking their jabs:

    Aniruddh Dave
    These are difficult times and we all are literally living in constant fear. Many of us are taking a risk by going outside but we don’t really have an option. Vaccination is good, but yes it will take time for everyone to get vaccinated. Also, we need to take both the doses as directed and then only after sometime the antibodies start forming in the body. Yes, the vaccines don’t give you full protection but then something is better than nothing. Initially it was for frontline workers, and then for the senior citizens, and now it’s our turn, so I will definitely get it done soon. The second wave is worse than the first. The number of cases and deaths has made the situation scary. I am taking necessary precautions, but you never know from where you might contract the virus, if you look around those who are living inside their homes are also testing positive. So we have to be extra cautious. Even if you have vaccinated, do continue to take precautions. There have been cases where people thought that they had Covid once and won’t get it again, but they did get infected for the second time.

    Ajay Singh Chaudhary
    It’s a good move by the government. The rise in the number of cases and the deaths has created a scary situation right now. Don’t believe in the rumours around the vaccines, do take vaccination seriously and get yourself and your family vaccinated soon. I will take it as soon as it starts on May 1 and I suggest that others do it as well. The situation in India is only getting worse. I just hope things get better soon.

    Mohit Daga
    I support this much-required decision taken by the government. I will take it as soon as I can when this starts May 1 onwards. I suggest others do it as well because it can at least provide a safety net and does not allow the virus to affect your system badly. But yes, even after both the doses, I urge people to continue to follow all the government prescribed protocols as many have contracted the virus even after getting vaccinated. Please wear a mask, sanitise and maintain distance.

    Saahil Uppal
    I think the government has taken all the good decisions as far as Covid-19 pandemic is concerned, be it lockdown or allotment of time for timely vaccinations. But as much as this is significant, it’s also important that we have enough vaccines for everyone. Many places have reported a shortage of vaccines and people have to go back home without getting their doses So, first I think we need to see whether we have enough doses or else it might lead to an unwanted chaos. Everyone wants to beat the virus and hopefully we all will be able to if we behave responsibly and also get vaccinated.

    Priyamvada Kant
    I am sure everyone aged above 18 was eagerly waiting for this to happen. The government has done the right thing at the right time. It’s quite scary out there, and even with proper precautions people are still contracting the virus. I understand that vaccination does not guarantee 100% safety, but it will at least give us some protection from the severity of the virus. Having said that, I feel people shouldn’t feel that once vaccinated they can live the way they want. They should still continue taking all precautions. I will definitely take the vaccine as soon as I can next month.

    Vijayendra Kumeria
    I am glad that this decision has been taken by the government as people between 18 and 45 have to go out for a living and there is a big risk that they are taking. The decision has given hope to many. Taking the vaccine means the risk factor going down. I will get a vaccination soonest I can next month. I would request everyone to continue to follow precautions even after taking the vaccine. The more we follow precautions the quicker we will be able to control the virus.

    Delnaaz Irani
    This has been a good move one the government’s part. People should not think twice but get vaccinated at the earliest now that everyone above 18 is allowed to take both the doses. This will help us to fight the virus and bring back happier times. This will also help in bringing down the pressure faced by almost all industries in terms of logistics, manpower and other aspects. I will be taking the vaccine at the earliest. But then, taking the vaccines does not mean we don’t have the risk of contracting the virus. The vaccines offer a percentage of protection and do not allow the virus to create hove within our system. So continue to take precautions even after you have taken the vaccine.

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