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    Amiben Modi: Watch your diet, introspect, reconnect with Nature are some rejuvenating practices one can follow

    The saying health is wealth might be cliché but it means the most in our lives. Come what may, if we are not health, both mentally and physically, we can never lead a happy life, feels spiritual healer Amiben Modi.

    “There are two kinds of health that we must consider— mental health and physical heath. A healthy mind is necessary for a healthy body. It is increasingly difficult, but extremely important to take time out for your own self these days. To watch the diet, to spare sometime to introspect and to reconnect with Nature are certain rejuvenating practices that must be followed,” she suggests.

    Modi wants to lead by example. “I follow very simple things. I take a walk in the morning, spend some time in the garden, hear the birds chirp, stay away from my phone and spend one good hour reflecting on myself. Connecting with Nature helps me relax mentally and forget all my worries,” she shares.

    About the diet she follows, Modi usually consumes pulses for breakfast, as it keeps her energetic. She adds, “I always consume lesser oil and avoid eating after 7.30 pm. Having late dinners has a very bad impact on the body, people are not realising the importance of having meals earlier. The later you eat, the more lazy you become. One must watch what they eat. Your body is a temple and whatever enters it, must be clean, healthy and with your own consent. I never eat forcefully as I know my body recognises what and how much is required and lets me know. These practices are what I strongly recommend.”

    Modi also reveals the two practices that help her in taking care of her energy levels. For good health, she emphasized on the importance of having a healthy mind.

    “When a person is not in a great emotional state, it is reflected in their eating habit. You see them consuming more junk food or not eating at all. These things have a direct effect on their physical performance. One must recognize their mental state, share their feelings and surround themselves with those who care for them, love them. This will help them feel better mentally, which will, in turn, help them watch their physical health,” she says.

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