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    There is nothing bigger than a national award : Aniruddh Dave

    Actor Aniruddh Dave who played the male lead Vikas in the Haryanvi film, Chhoriyan Chhoron Se Kam Nahi Hoti, is on cloud nine with the news of the film winning a National Award under the Best Haryanvi Film category. Aniruddh says,” There is nothing bigger than a national award. I consider it above every other award. I have always said awards to any person irrespective of the field motivates them. I feel people who are connected to the art and culture field, National award is the biggest. To me it is more valuable because I have been working in the Television industry for 12 years and played a lot of different roles but I always wanted to do a film. Acting in movies is a different ballgame .”

    Talking more about his experience while shooting for the film Dave says,” The narrative of the story is very inspiring. A village girl Binita becomes an IPS officer. Since childhood she lived in a male dominated society. The story of the lead goes from being 10 years - 30 years and this journey is shown very beautifully. Rajesh Amarlal Babbar directed this with an amazing message that everyone liked. Zee studios put the movie on Zee5 during lockdown and received an amazing response for it.”
    Satish Kaushik and Aniruddh Dave came a long way as they have earlier worked in a film called Teree Sang. Speaking about that Aniruddh says,”He has always told me that whenever I will get a good role I will ask you to do that. And I am so happy that we have worked together in this film which got a national award. Satish Kaushikji and I are again working for a very good concept and we are starting the shoot very soon.”

    But do you feel a national award will take the Hariyanvi film industry to a different level? Aniruddh says,” Already the industry in Punjab and Haryana has gone to an another level. When these kinds of commercial movies are made that too with a good message, it is clearly attracting people showing them how the cinema is going far and beyond. Actually it's taking leaps and bounds and people are loving it and people are going to the theatre and watching it. Whether it was Tanu weds Manu, Dangal or Sultan all these are big Hindi Bollywood films but in these movies there is this Haryanvi accent and attitude which is loved by the audience. It is not the kind of language that people won't understand. It is very easily understandable so the message is conveyed. The kind of content and the stories people are shooting in Haryana presently is very good.” Aniruddh is also someone who has worked hard for this film and worked on his mannerism, language, accent of the Haryanvi language. I remember an incident when we met the CM Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar he also didn't understand that I wasn't from Haryana originally. The artists from Haryana also used to say the same thing. I tried to play the role with sincerity and honesty. I feel really good that I have received my remuneration through this award.”

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