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    The fabulous singer and composer Anu Malik wants Shanmukhayapriya to sing a song for him said on the sets of Indian Idol 12.

    "Music is an old-time healer and a friend that never lets us down". Let us get cheered up for Sony Entertainments Television which brings a wondrous show 'Indian Idol 12, giving you talents across the cities. This season all the contestants with their sole voice havr entertained the judges and their viewers. The coming weekend Indian Idol 12 show will be graced by the astonishing Singer Anu Malik, Udit Narayan and lyricist Sameer who will be boosting our contestants throughout the show.

    Shanmukhapriya who has always made the entire show thrilled with her voice has again given a heartthrob performance on the sets of Indian Idol. On her rocking stage performance on the song Dil Ko Hazar Baar Roka and crazy Kiya Reh, the guest Anu Malik was flabbergasted, and it is for the first time the rarest thing to happen in the music industry where a composer walks up to the singer and asks her to sing for him.

    Anu Malik also quoted that, 'You are a magnificent performer. i feel so lucky that i got the opportunity to hear you live. I would like to offer you a song that in the coming future . A talent like yours should reach more heights.

    Tune to witness more this weekend of Indian Idol Season 12 only on Sony Entertainment Television at 8 PM.

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