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    Like to take risks, says Nuno Oliveira

    Celebrated photographer-director Nuno Oliveira, who has worked on shows like “Vogue BFFs” and “Styled by Neha”, says he likes to take risks and push boundaries as a creative person.

    According to Nuno, the biggest challenge as a director is to get the right team on board. “TV shows are complex pieces of content that require collaboration from many departments. Once you have the right people, everything becomes easy and fun,” he adds. Nuno admits having made mistakes both as a director and photographer but that doesn’t prevent him from taking risk simply because he does not believe in making safe choices.

    “I make mistakes all the time. I’m the kind of photographer/director who likes to take risks, push the limits. Sometimes we try something and it doesn’t work. It’s part of the creative process. Nobody remembers the ones who like to play it safe,” he adds. Nuno, who has been an avid traveler, says travel has helped him shape into the person that he is today. “I love to travel. As a creative it’s so important to be constantly in contact with the unknown, to be faced with something for the first time. We are like sponges, and we absorb so much new information when we travel,” he concludes.

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