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    International day of Happiness: Happiness is bringing joy to others in need, says Somy Ali

    Somy Ali, who has been part of films like “Anth”, “Krishan Avtaar”, “Aao Pyaar Karen”, says true happiness stems from giving and sharing it with the needy.

    Somy says for her it is important to spread happiness to those who deserve it the most. “There is more happiness in helping unhappy people gain moments of joy. Happiness is bringing joy to others in need. At least for me, that is the true definition of being happy,” she adds. Somy, who runs a non-profit organization named No More Tears (NMT) believes it is synonym to happiness.

    “NMT is happiness as it literally says “No More Tears,” she adds. What brings happiness to Somy, is listening to music. “Meaningful music is always fun too like Sam Smith and pretty much all songs of Rajesh Khanna from back in the day,” she concludes.

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