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    International Day of Happiness: Celebs share what brings them joy, urges everyone to spread positivity

    Happiness is the most powerful and fulfilling state of mind. Amid all the trials and tribulations, the hope for a better and happier future is what keeps us going. It’s International Day of Happiness on March 20, and celebrities tell us about their idea of happiness and what makes them the happiest. Read on

    Rohit Choudhary
    Taking care of my body makes me happy. Fitness is a way of life. I can’t think of life and happiness without fitness.

    Avinash Mukherjee
    Spending quality time with my parents and gymming are the things that makes me happy. My family life is very important to me.

    Prashant Bajaj
    Firstly, I would thank God for bringing me into this world and letting me be with the best people in the world. The happiest thing for me is to stay with my family and be able to pray to Lord Shiva. Good or bad, they have been my support system.

    Munisha Khatwani
    Usually what makes me the happiest is praying or being in solitude or doing some sort of meditation, reading books, watching good movies, spending time with myself. I think getting a good spa, pampering myself also brings a smile to my face. This is my much-required me-time, when I am at peace. You really need to learn to love your own company and you really need to learn to love to be with yourself. Eventually the journey of life is only going to be with you because you are the only constant in your own life that’s my idea of happiness.

    Micckie Dudaaney
    Spending good time with family and friends and having good food means happiness to me. Sitting on the beach, chilling with friends having good food and fun company makes me happy and positive.

    Sidharrth Sipani
    Travelling with my friends makes me the happiest. I went with a friend to Dubai and had a gala time. Everyone should travel but now with precautions.

    Pranitaa Pandit
    For me the art of giving is the art of happiness. If I am a giver in life, I will always be happy. Sharing is something which comes naturally to me because that’s how I choose to live my life and I realised over a period of time that is what makes me really happy. I always believe that the giver is happier than the receiver. Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when divided and that is the truth. I genuinely pray and wish from God that I should always be the giving hand and that is also a way to receive the maximum power and strength. Happiness is simple yet complicated. Happiness is a choice we have to make every single day because life is full of ups and downs and if we look at the brighter side and go with the flow and realise that nothing is permanent it’s a beautiful way to live.

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