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    International Day of Happiness: Celebs share what brings them joy

    Happiness is the most powerful and fulfilling state of mind. Amid all the trials and tribulations, the hope for a better and happier future is what keeps us going. It’s International Day of Happiness on March 20, and celebrities tell us about their idea of happiness and what makes them the happiest. Read on

    Meera Deosthale
    Spending time with my mom and meeting my friends makes me happy. I am a people’s person and relating and talking to people makes me feel good.

    Adaa Khan
    I just want to travel, travel and travel. It makes me the happiest. Being a solo traveller I enjoy going to new places, meeting new people, soaking in the culture and vibe of a new destination. It’s a complete gratifying experience for me.

    Vivian Dsena
    Spending time with myself is my idea of happiness. Solitude and a cup of coffee perks up my mood. Live and let live is a way of life.

    Nyra Banerjee
    Happiness to many might mean meeting friends, going for vacations, watching movies, gorging on their favourite food etc. But all these are momentary. True happiness is when we are content with even the smallest thing in life and are grateful about everything. When you celebrate and cherish even little successes, make people feel special, are able to express yourself honestly and are aware that life has given you a lot more than it has taken away from you, that's true happiness.

    Vijayendra Kumeria
    Acting makes me happiest. It gives me an adrenaline rush. One must love one’s work as if you do that well, as they say work is worship, it does give you peace and happiness. Also spending time with family is what makes me most happy.

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