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    I learned a lot about handling and balancing life from her: Nyra Banerjee on her mom Purnita Banerjee

    For the urban crowd, spirituality has become a part of their everyday dictionary, but not many know its meaning. Actress Nyra Banerjee, who was seen in web series titled "Helllo Jee", indulges in spiritual paintings along with her mother, and she said, "Spirituality is the understanding of the qualities of the spirit to lead a life with clarity and full potential because we are spirit in essence."

    Nyra's mother Purnita Banerjee is a spiritual healer, tarot card reader, and author. Talking about her mother, she said, "Spirituality was triggered by various life situations in which she felt that her free will is abused. Insights, occurrences, lucid dreams, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and a lot more created a quest to know more about life. This is how the journey started. She has learned, practised, and applied various healing techniques to friends, family, and clients. And also, counseling with Gyan yog."

    "She speaks through images and writing. She enjoys sharing the wisdom attained in life through her paintings and writings. It motivates and inspires people without preaching," she added.

    Purnita uses the name White Peacock Healing for her healing, spirituality and art endeavours. Nyra said, "This name flashed intuitively in her mind and it matched the purpose of her work because a white peacock is a metaphor for a pure, evolved, self-realized, illuminated soul."

    Apart from writing short stories, poems and shayaris, her mother has also written the book titled "The Mysterious Dreams". Nyra credits her for helping in life decisions, and said, "I learned a lot about handling and balancing life from her. She has always kept me grounded so I understand and realize my roles as daughter, sister, actress, citizen, friend, etc., and yet do not get attached to the roles, resulting in a wholesome human being."

    "I do discuss projects and take her opinion. I also take advice and counseling from her on other major aspects of life," she added.

    Purnita has been a healer for seven years now and has also healed her daughter. Sharing her experience, the actress said, "I feel healed from inside. The wounds and the load and discontentment that I felt at times had filled up, but now I felt more joyous, balanced, and accepting of life."

    Though the "Excuse Me Maadam" actress wishes to become a healer one day and get attuned, her work commitments keep her busy. However, Nyra added, "We daily have a Gyan yog session and that helps best in knowing myself.

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