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    I am happy and content with whatever I have done: Piew Jana

    Though she has been in the industry for over seven years now, actress Piew Jana has been a part of very selected shows like "Krishna Chali London" and "Zindagi Ki Mehak", "Ghulam" to name a few, and she revealed that she is not okay with doing intimate scenes on-screen, and wants to work on her principles.

    "They may call me old-school, but I don't even like to watch intimate scenes, forget about doing. I don't have any starry tantrums, but I have certain principles, and many a time I lose on roles because of this," she said.

    "People feel that I have certain beliefs and principles and have even taunted me that all these things won't help me in becoming an actor, and I proudly tell them that I am not here to become a heroine, I am here to perform," she added.

    Piew, who made her Bollywood debut with "Mere Sai Ram", also said that though she has lost on roles because of this, she is happy with whatever work she has done.

    "A lot of directors and even casting directors have told me that with so many principles of mine, nobody will cast me, but that's how I work and I am not going to change it for anyone," she said.

    "I have myself said no to a lot of projects because I don't want to do something which I am not comfortable with and regret it all my life. I may have not done a lot of work, but whatever I have done I am happy and content with it because it's as per my will. People know me as a performer and I am just waiting for a good role where I can perform," Piew wrapped up.

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