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    Good time to experiment with roles, says Kavitta Verma

    Kavitta Verma, who has appeared in films like Sanjay Dutt’s “Policegiri”, “Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana”, believes it is the best time for actors to experiment in terms of roles.

    With the existence of various avenues of entertainment today, the actor says she is looking forward to playing challenging roles. “With a lot of platforms available for actors it's a good time to experience and experiment,” she says. “However, I'm still waiting for that challenging role which will give me satisfaction as an actor,” she adds.

    She further expressed her desire to collaborate with makers for exciting content on the web.“I am looking for good work on the web and I want directors and studios to take lesser known faces like me,” she adds.

    Kavitta is thrilled with diverse shows being doled out to audiences on TV. “Now-a-days TV shows are being more experimental like they talk of relationship problems which were not much shown earlier. So all of this is a good change,” she says, adding, however, not all shows click well with the audience. Kavitta believes despite newer and real content being made on TV, family dramas have their own niche in the industry.

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