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    ”Fashionable clothes, fancy cars- all had a permanent place in the life of Dawood Ibrahim”- says actor Ashwat Kanth

    “You win half the battle if you look your character” says Ashwat Kanth, the newest Dawood Ibrahim of Bollywood.

    In RGV’s underworld, characters are real. From adapting the nuances to looking exactly like their part, actors manage to create a world so realist for the audience that they become a part of it.

    Such is Ashwat’s character of Dawood. He describes the film as an in depth, detailed journey of a young boy from Dongri to becoming the most wanted man in the world who runs the biggest crime empire- D Company.

    “We have kept the styling of my character very real. You will see the change as and when the story proceeds. From a boy in pant and shirt from Dongri to this man with the most fashionable wardrobe and lavish lifestyle” says Ashwat.

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