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    Deepali Saini: Playing the good girl gets boring at times, bad girls are intriguing

    Deepali Saini feels that female characters on screen are somewhat becoming repetitive. Be it on TV or in films, we get to see women who are either good or bad. Web, in a way, is experimenting but then there are many shades to a woman that are yet to be explored. “In TV shows there are these positive and negative characters, especially in those typical Saas - bahu drama. The only good thing about TV is that there are many female-fronted shows but then the style and approach is repetitive. As far as films are concerned, we need more films like Mary Kom, Manikarnika, Queen, etc Though there the number of female-centric films has gone up but still, it’s less. I wonder why aren’t we creating characters like Wonder Woman here? Such characters, set up and approach are different, which is why such films are loved all across the globe. When it comes to female characters, I think we need to broaden our horizons,” she explains.

    For someone like her who has done varied characters, Saini shares she enjoyed playing both positive and negative parts. But if she has to choose what she liked the best then her vote goes for characters having grey shades.

    “Such roles let you explore many layers. There is so much more that you are required to do. Playing the good girl gets boring at times, bad girls are intriguing. Their eyes, actions and dialogues are fascinating. Even their looks are different,” says the actor, who has been associated with shows such as Narayan Narayan, Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Kullfi Kumarr Baajewala. Saini, who has been a part of the industry for about twelve years, has done both TV, web and is now trying her luck in films. In her journey so far, she has seen both good and bad sides of the industry and feels over the years the “industry has become very complicated”. Highlighting the struggles of a newcomer she adds, “Outsiders are often pushed back by those who are powerful or have already made a name for themselves. I hope that changes in the industry soon. I think more focus should be given on talent and not on where he or she is coming from. You can’t be giving someone one chance after another because he or she is connected to the industry some way or the other. That way deserving newcomers don’t get opportunities. I think it’s time we work together, create a healthy work environment,” she concludes.

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