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    Chandni Soni reacts to Tirath Singh Rawat “ripped jeans comment”: Shouldn’t a man be judged too by the kind of clothes he wears?

    Chandni Soni expresses discontent against those who judge a woman by her clothes. Reacting to Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat’s controversial “ripped jeans” comment, the producer questions: “If a woman is judged by the kind of clothes she wears, shouldn’t men be judged too?” Rawat, while apologizing for his remark later, clearly stated that he is not against women wearing jeans but the "torn" ones are not the right kind of attire.

    “Why keep men out of such things? Also, all the ministers/politicians wearing sparkling white clothes shouldn’t have an untainted career? It’s high time we change the way we look at things,” says the co-producer of Tandoor and producer of Raktanchal. Soni goes on to add that for years the patriarchal set-up dominance in India led to women being for almost everything. Starting from their choice of career, life partner, or as simple as their choice of clothing, a woman is questioned for every single thing. “I think these remarks are totally regressive and disrespectful towards any women. Neither a man nor a woman should be judged on the basis of the clothes they wear. Women should have the liberty to choose their clothes irrespective of their profession and politicians should be honest to their job irrespective of the color of their clothes,” she adds.

    While, according to the producer, it might be the easiest and controversial topic to stay on news, it is “derogatory to see women through the prism of baseless moral compass”. And it is “disturbing”, especially when such “irresponsible statements are made by people who are holding the position of authority and responsibility”. “Women constitute about half of the country’s population, the so called aadhi aabadi and if somebody tries to demean women just for some cheap publicity, he is digging his own grave. Our culture has always respected women and even worshipped women as aadi shakti Maa Durga. It’s sad and unfortunate when the whole contribution of women's power is judged on the basis of what they are wearing,” she ends.

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