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    My challenges are reinventing myself primarily : Saurabh Panjwani | #NayaSaberaNetwork

    Saurabh Panjwani, one of the best known photographer in the entertainment industry today. It is not easy for one to get established so easily in this world of competition. But with his talent and passion he became a successful name. His work is making noise all over the country. During media interaction, he spoke about the challenging part one faces in a career to photography.
    My challenges are reinventing myself primarily : Saurabh Panjwani | #NayaSaberaNetwork

    Talking about challenges one faces in Photography as a career. He reveals, "That would depend on what stage of your career you are in. Initially, it is trying to find opportunities to work, then it is trying to find enough opportunities to prosper. As an older established photographer my challenges are reinventing myself primarily."

    "So a big challenge for younger photographers getting out of the mind set of competing based on price and thus competing with lower end photographers. That is only a race to the bottom. If younger photographers develop their own style and “INNOVATE”, then they can start to compete with older well established photographers and leave the bread crumbs for the rest of the crowd," he added.

    He continues, "As an older photographer, easy gets harder and harder every day. That is to say that “easy” becomes boring because it is no longer challenging to see in new ways and boredom is fatal to artists. It is the death of creativity." 

    People appreciates Saurabh for his breathtaking shoots. He has been the first choice for people here in India for the kid’s photography.

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